Over the last couple of decades, the interest in birdwatching as a recreational pastime has increased massively and hundreds of millions of dollars are now spent annually by 'birders', with a significant percentage of this total spent on foreign travel.  The economies of many countries benefit directly from this and in Ecuador, for example, there are several dozen lodges which largely cater for birding eco-tourists and this is an important source of revenue and employment for many rural communities.  It is a similar situation in other countries too with Costa Rica, Peru, Gambia, Thailand and Sri Lanka amongst the nations benefitting significantly from this form of eco-tourism.

Many countries, however, receive very few birding eco-tourists, yet the potential exists for many of these nations to hugely increase the number of visitors they get. 

Working with colleagues in North and South America, Asia and Australasia, I have been involved in providing advice and training for almost ten years and can provide a multifaceted team to assist in developing this form of eco-tourism. 

Services we have provided include:

  • Provision of advice at both national and regional government level
  • Provision of advise to individual lodges
  • Training local bird guides to work with visitors

If you are interested in discussing this further, please write to me via the contacts page on this website.