Fiji Petrel

Although Fiji Petrel has been known for quite some years, it remains extremely poorly known.  Indeed, the breeding grounds have never been found, although it is presumed these are on the mountainous island of Gau (approximately 50 miles east of the main island of Suva in the Fiji archipelago) as in recent years several birds have been found ashore there by villagers.

In April 2014, I was fortunate enough to be working with Rodney Russ (owner of Heritage Expeditions) on the Spirit of Enderby and we spent time off Gau specifically looking for this species.  On our first evening, we launched zodiacs about 5 miles south of the island and not long later, my friend and colleague Adam Walleyn spotted a Fiji Petrel flying towards us.  The bird made only a few passes over our chum slick and in the low light it was not easy to get photos but here are a few shots of this incredible bird.  Sadly not my best ever photos and the low light has completely burnt out the bill colour but nevertheless a fine bird to see !!!